PP-R water supply white

product details


Product characteristics:

■ No leakage: Permanent sealing via welding connection

■High water flow: Smooth inner wall brings 30% higher water flow than that of galvanized pipes

■ Sanitary and nontoxic: Applicable water pipes for drinking water and purified water

■ Corrosion-resistant: No rusting or scaling

Scope of use:

■ Cold/hot water system in civil and industrial buildings

■ Hot water circulation heating system

■ Pipeline of drinking water and purified water

■ Industrial fluid delivery system

■ Compressed air pipeline system

■ Agricultural and park pipeline system

Installation technology:

■Do not start welding connection until foreign matters (if any) on pipe & fittings are removed completely;

■Push pipe & fittings into welder mold and start heating within the specified period;

■Please be noted, the pipe & fittings may be thinned, deformed and have water leakage if being heated excessively;

■Push in the heated pipe & fittings at vertical direction, hold for 4 s and behave gently to avoid pipe bending。

Installation operation precautions:

■With lower hardness and rigidity than metal pipes, the PP-R pipes should be well protected in handling and construction against mechanical damages due to improper force. The concealed pipe position should be marked to avoid damages in secondary decoration.

■ With certain low-temperature brittleness below 5℃, the PP-R pipes should be handled with much care in winter and slowly cut using a sharp tool. Do not press or knock the pipes installed, but provide covering protection to pipes bearing external force.

■If installed outdoors or under direct sunlight, the PP-R pipes must be wrapped with protective layer in dark color to avoid degradation and aging in long-term ultraviolet irradiation

■ The PP-R pipes should be fully connected via melting to keep pipes integrated and free from leakage points, except that metal pipes or water consuming appliances should be connected mechanically through threaded inserts or flanges.

■ With high coefficient of linear expansion, the PP-R pipes must be technically protected against expansion or deformation in open installation or indirect burying and concealed wiring.

■Do not seal (direct burying) and cover decoration layer (indirect burying and concealed wiring) on the installed pipes until pressure test is made for pipes at a pressure which is 1.5 times that of system for cold water pipe and not less than 1 MPa, or at the pressure which is 2.0 times that of system for hot water pipes and not below 1.5 MPa. The period and method of pressure test are specified in technical regulations.

■ The PP-R pipes must be installed with support and hanger in open installation or indirect concealed wiring.

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