PE gas pipe

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PE燃气管材结构尺寸米重表_00.jpg■Reliable connection: Polyethylene pipes are connected via electric heating and melting, with the connector strength superior to that of pipe body ;

■Good flexibility: PE pipes can be bent easily to fit the direction changes and cross the obstacles (do not reduce amount of pipe fittings intentionally for its good flexibility)

■Strong resistance to corrosion: Resistant to sorts of chemical medium except for the few strong oxidants; free from electrochemical corrosion

■Long life: PE pipe can be safely used for over 50 years under the rated temperature and pressure;

■Good resistance to impact: With good tenacity and resistance to impact, PE pipes can avoid cracks when pressed directly by a heavy object

■Good workability: Easy construction and low cost benefited from light weight and simple pipe welding.

Pipe connection:

■Electric melting: Connect straight pipes and pipe fittings via specific electric melting welder, applicable to pipes with outer diameter below dn160 mm

■Electric welding connection: Connect pipes via specific butt welding machine, applicable to pipes with outer diameter above dn160 mm.

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