PVC-U drainage pipe & fittings

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PVC管件1.pngPVC管件2.pngPVC管件3.pngFeatures of Hollow Spiral Muffle Pipes

Featured by light weight and excellent soundproofing effects, JHPI’s new hollow and spiral muffle pipes are completely free from noise from dropping water by delivering water spirally along with pipe wall, leading the development direction of drop water pipe and applicable to high-rise buildings.

Product characteristics

With light weight and density 1/5~1/6 that of cast iron pipe, the pipe can be handled easily, reduce the material cost and construction fee and reduce the load on buildings; with smooth inner wall and no scaling, the pipe can ensure smooth water flow, avoid water blockage; with good resistance to corrosion, the pipe is free from rust or anti-corrosion treatment, with its service life over 4 times that of cast iron pipe; the pipe has good resistance to tension and impact, well-sealed through bonding, making it applicable to exposed or concealed paving; it has good flame resistance, with the oxygen index above 46; the pipe also has good resistance to heat and vicat softening temperature is above 79℃.

Technical Indicators

Designed and manufactured as per GB/T5836.1-2006, JH PVC-U building drainage pipes are in line with or superior to the national standards.

Matters needing attention

■ Cut the pipe vertically and do chamfering as specified using fine saw or specific PVC-U pipe cutter.

■Deburr at the fracture using a flat file and remove the dust and grease at surface of bell and spigot.

■Apply adhesive onto bonding surface of bell and spigot evenly and quickly using a brush

■Do centering of two pipes or pipes and fittings, insert spigot into the bell and rotate for 1/4 cycle and hold for 10 s;

■Remove the excessive adhesive on pipe using cloth, connect the pipe and wait for 2 h before feeding water.

■With flexible configuration and compact assembly, the plastic drainage pipes should be paved as designed in construction. Spigot must be firstly connected to the designated depth as specified to avoid water leakage.

■ Prepared for water drainage purpose, the PVC-U pipe should be protected by keeping indoor continuous drainage temperature not above 40℃ and instantaneous drainage temperature not above 80℃ due to its specific characteristics


■Pipe processing: Once pipe length is confirmed, cut it using steel saw, hand saw, roundel, saw web and sawing machine, keep both ends smooth, do deburring and chamfering using half round file and keep proper chamfer.

■Bonding of pipe & fittings: Before bonding the pipe & fittings, do trial assembly, clean the end of insert pipe to the depth of about 10 cm and clean the inner wall of pipe bell, wipe them using cotton that is immersed with acetone, apply 1 layer of adhesive on the bonding surface of pipe & fittings evenly and avoid neglected bonding; rotate the pipe to the designated angle, insert the pipe into the bell and spigot, knock the pipe using a wooden hammer and insert the pipe into bell completely; 2 min later (do not disassemble or change direction), timely wipe off the extruded adhesive to keep pipe clean.

■One expansion joint should be installed at each layer of stand pipe to make compensation to the expansion and contraction of plastic pipe.

The expansion joint can be omitted if muffle pipe is used as stand pipe, or indoor horizontal pipe is short and given free compensation. 

■Pay attention to water flow direction when installing tee coupling to form natural gradient of horizontal pipe.

■It is planned to set one pipe clamp if layer height of stand up is less than 3 m, while the horizontal pipe should be installed with one clamp at the spacing of 0.6 m;



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