Service support
Purpose of Service
Continuously satisfying customers'needs is our unremitting pursuit.
Sell credit first, sell products second, reduce the user's troubles to zero.
Service Commitment
In order to meet the customers’ overall demand, JHPI’s National Customer Service Center provides accurate, convenient, efficient and high-quality services for customers in the principle of building “reassuring, comfortable and relieved” 4 S service and JHPI spirit.
Specifically to provide you with the following services:
Provide technical support for the company's product applications.
1、Product technical questions and answers.
2、Construction and installation guidance.
3、And other related issues.
■  Responsible for customer information processing.
1、Customer complaint class information processing.
2、Customer consultation class information processing.
3、Customer satisfaction survey.
Conduct company product quality tracking surveys and information feedback.
Handle accidents caused by product quality problems.
Provide branch offices and customers with the services they need and assist them in completing the information transfer process.
Leading branch service representatives to better serve our customers.
At any time, train and provide engineering and technical personnel for the branch office to help the branch company solve the technical problems of guiding the application at work.
Regularly provide various related engineering information to the branch office and assist the branch office in bidding.
Create customer profiles and enter customer files into the company database.
Provide supporting sales services for related products for major businesses.

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